Suksess/Success. Short film. Nils works with a comedy talk-show but doesn’t get the respect that he thinks he deserves. At a pitch meeting one of his ideas gets stolen by his colleague, Fabian. Everyone loves the idea, but no one except Nils realizes the fact that Fabian stole it.



André Sørum
Emil Lystvedt Berntsen
Kristin Grue

Screenplay: Mads Stegger
Producer: Renée H Mlodyszewski
Cinematography: Jonathan Bjerstedt
Production design: Catrine Gormsen
Editing: Gøthe Elllevsøy
Sound: Matias Frøystad

Göteborg Film Festival, 2018, Sweden
Live at Heart Festival, 2018, Sweden
Stockmotion, 2018, Sweden